Korol Stahldritten was the secondborn of the tenth House Stahldritten, and the son of Konig Stahldritten and Fieke Erdefunfte. He has four brothers (Konnen, Klauen, Helm and Krov) and three younger sisters (Heike, Bitva and Latya).

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Magery Edit

Korol is a talented mage, with the ability of paralysis. Whilst he experimented with his talent from a young age, practising paralysis on small animals, he managed to keep his ability a secret from all others. The only individuals to know he possessed a talent (though they did not know what his talent was) were Daniya and Svetya Erdefunfte, as a result of Daniya's own talent.

His experiments with his talent grew more perverse and elaborate as Korol grew. He began to test the limits of his talent, particularly intensity, diversity and duration. He was known to have used Giftig poison on his victims whilst paralysed, and to have punished Wasser insurgents by forcing them to be dragged behind a horse for a quarter mile whilst paralysed.

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Trivia Edit

  • 'Korol' is a Russian word meaning 'prince'.

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